The Alps Welcome

Planning your winter break you are certainly wondering which place will be the best for the vacation. Well, there is no one right answer cause there are so many wonderful winter-places you can visit to have white fun. However if you consider hanging-out in the Alps then there are a few truly worth visiting resorts you would certainly find great.

Most of his great works were created just in Salzburg. Unquestionably Salzburg is very important city in terms of culture but what nowadays interests peopple from all over the world the most are great conditions for winter sport. And today, this is the main reason why the city of Salzburg is such a tourist destination. Definitely skiing is the main attraction of the area during winter. Let’s be clear, the charm of the place is mainly due to the Alps, the highest mountain range lying entirely in the European continent.

And Salzburg is a real quintessence of the Alpine climate. The city, most often associated with it’s amazing baroque architecture has much to offer. Not without a reason the city is considered the best-preserved Alpine city. Also, in the end of XXth century the charming city was UNESCO listed. It’s worth adding Salzburg is not only a popular ski resort but also very respectable university centre. In this small town there are three very good universitiec. Certainly it may be called the students’ capital of the Alps. Here in Salzburg the world-known composer WOlfgang Amadeus Mozart was born.

It streaches across Switzerland, Slovenia, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Italy, Germany, France and obviously Austria. Beside the great conitions for skii, amazing architecture and fabulous history Salzburg is also beautiful place regarding it’s fauna and flora. The only way to see and experience it all is to go there and see everything for oneself.

Reservoir Lake Schlegeis
Reservoir Lake Schlegeis