From Krakow Airport to Zakopane

If you are wondering how to get to this beautiful place in the mountains, I personally highly recommend that you go straight from Krakow airport, choose the VIP Krakow airport transfer service and travel in complete comfort by private car to the center of Zakopane. It is incredibly convenient and you can feel safe and secure. It is also a good opportunity to visit another beautiful city – Krakow, located just 20 minutes from the airport. Personally I decided for an Krakow airport transfer recommended by some advertisement. There are many amazing things to do there and in Zakopane. Krakow Direct offers a full range of tours of the most beautiful sights in and around Krakow. Just as Zakopane is famous for its oscypek cheese and amazing mountain views, Krakow has its delicious bagels and rich cultural life. While in Poland, you cannot miss such attractions and places.

Wide tourist offer

The last entry was on the subject of unusual ski resorts outside the Alps, so both Krakow and Zakopane can boast a wide range of accommodation and catering for their guests. Admittedly, we’re talking about different types of recreation, because in Krakow we’re not likely to ski, but whether in winter or summer, both cities really have something to do. Hotels offer their clients swimming pools, spas, excursions and other attractions such as bowling alleys.

What to do in Krakow?

Each has a highly qualified staff, offering their assistance to all guests. In addition, Krakow, as the former capital of Poland, boasts many well-preserved monuments and museums, where you can still feel a hint of history. All this wrapped in a wide cultural mix, many events from the world of art and music, but also for sports fans there will be something. As Zakopane attracts tourists in the earth for skiing, and in the summer mainly for hiking, so Krakow never lags behind. It is a world famous city. It is here that the former residence of kings – Wawel, Dragon’s Den, beautifully preserved St. Mary’s Basilica, or Cloth Hall and underground museum. For fans of active recreation, it is worth going on a bike trip to Tyniec or Ojcow. In the summer, you can also go kayaking on the Vistula River or diving in the old Zakrzówek quarry, where the water is crystal clear.

Those who want to delve deeper into history should take an organized trip to the Auschwitz concentration camp or the Wieliczka salt mine. If someone likes the salty taste…you can easily try how the wall tastes 😉 Both adults and children are satisfied after days spent on such a trip.

It is not without reason that Krakow attracts so many young people. It is said to be the Polish city of students. It is here, on every corner, every evening, pubs are full and clubs are bustling with life. It is here that new acquaintances are made, new relationships are formed, and cultures from all over the world mix.

Charming Zakopane

In the previous post I mentioned that if you go skiing in the Tatra Mountains, you must visit Zakopane. Let us explain why it is worth it. Although it is a very small town, there are plenty of things to do in Zakopane. First of all, you should go to the place where the famous ski jumps are located. Especially Wieka Krokiew – the biggest one, where important winter championships are held. Another thing is to take a walk along the most popular street – Krupówki, where you can buy many local, handmade products, as well as local food. Speaking of food, be sure to sit down in some traditional restaurant and try dishes such as dumplings or pork knuckle. Be warned though, the portions are usually huge, so you better be prepared! In the evenings you can warm up with warm wine or beer with honey.

Often in the local bars there are also evening dances with highlander music. Whatever, but believe that you need to be in really good shape to keep up! And what’s more, their regional costumes…are beautiful! Hand embroidered scarves, beads strung by old ladies and painted jewelry. Well amazing handicrafts!

You can also buy knitted, warm woolen gloves or scarves and real leather furs at the markets. Although I don’t support such treatment of animals, you have to admit that such clothes are in a class of their own. However, the prices can be ridiculous! It’s better to take an envelope with savings with you.

Hiking in the Tatra Mountains

When it comes to hiking, there are many hiking trails that will take you to different parts of the Tatra Mountains. I highly recommend going to some of the valleys like Chochołowska or Kościeliska Valley. They are equally beautiful in the winter and in the summer, so it does not matter what time of year you visit Zakopane. If you prefer to get more tired, head to Giewont. It is one of the most popular mountains in the Tatra Mountains. Be sure to bring a good camera and binoculars to admire the unusual views. This mountain vegetation and limestone rocks can be really amazing. Sometimes you can spot eagles and falcons flying in the air.

After the hike, you would probably crave for a good beer. Not everyone is a big fan of hot beer, but I love it! It’s made with honey, cloves and spices and is a must try if you’re visiting Zakopane. Any place with beer will probably have some local musicians playing amazingly on fiddle and accordion.

End of the tour

In conclusion, when heading to Zakopane, you should hook up with Krakow, but also other Polish cities. All of them have something unique in them. I will definitely come back there, and more than once! Not only The Alps are worth your attenion!

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